FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions is the only technology platform in the Life & Disability insurance vertical that automates critical elements of the claims adjudication process and helps claims organizations enhance the accuracy of benefit determinations while facilitating more timely return to work outcomes. Our suite of products and services helps insurers to triage and fully understand their risk management options, drives process automation and makes possible comprehensive data collection and analysis to establish best practices for the disability and life waiver claims administration processes. Our goal is to help insurers make clear, objective and defensible benefit and employability determinations as well as to expand the palette of RTW options.


Short Term
Disability Claims

Transitional Service Tools

Long Term
Disability Claims

Disability Risk Management Tools
**Coming Soon**

Life Waiver

Life Waiver Tools
(Group & Individual)


Return To Work
LTD Claims

Career Service Tools

Skills Analysis
& Labor Market Surveys

Employability Assessment
Verification Tools (EAV)

Claims Administrative

Claims Administrative Services (CAS)