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Transforming the Return-to-Work (RTW) process for Claimants and Claims Professionals with the use of FastTrack’s Robotics-Driven Automation Technology and Career Service Tools (CST)

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Career Service Tools (CST)

Designed to Motivate, Manage, and Guide the RTW Process for Claimants while Minimizing the Workload of the Claims Professional.

Powered by FastTrack’s Robotics-Driven Automation Technology and Career Service Tools.

Leveraging the Unified Occupational Library (UOL) and Occupational Matching Technology, the development of a claimant-specific RTW plan, including objective health readiness scores, job-seeking guidance, motivational tools, and accountability for the claimant’s  RTW outcome, FastTrack’s CST Service provides the Claims Professional with objective, consistent and repeatable standards for evaluating claimants for RTW opportunities while providing the claimant with defined processes and guidance in seeking viable employment.

FastTrack’s CST Service is designed to position the Claims Professional to produce faster, more accurate, more objective, more consistent, and repeatable determinations as to the claimant’s ability and likelihood of returning to work. Likewise, FastTrack’s CST Service provides the Claimant with ability to move forward in a consistent and a success-driven mode to find employment within their chosen field or an alternative field given their restrictions and limitations (R&Ls).  In conjunction with the usage of FastTrack’s RTW Technology and CST Services, Claimants and Claims Professionals have access to FastTrack Career Coaches who have been individually assigned to each RTW candidate to oversee the RTW process.

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The Advantages

For The Carrier:

  • Allows for timely evaluation of claims for RTW potential
  • Applies an objective, consistent, and repeatable standard for evaluation
  • Identifies Claimants with RTW capabilities consistent with policy definitions
  • Eliminates redundancy of positions necessary to manage RTW claims
  • Provides robust reporting and statistics on weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Allows Carrier to measure financial impact based on claimant RTW outcomes


For The Claims Professional:

  • Allows the Claims Professional to oversee RTW efforts without the need to engage at every step of the process
  • Provides updates/reports on claimant’s progress necessary to meet Carrier’s reporting guidelines
  • Establishes one point of contact for discussion on claimant’s RTW progress


For The Claimant:

  • Establishes clear pathway for identifying the claimant’s employment opportunities
  • Provides 24/7 access to technology and business hours access to individually assigned Career Coaches necessary for additional guidance
  • Builds resumes, cover letters, and key word searches applicable to claimant that are updated and modified as the claimant’s R&L’s evolve
  • Downloads daily job leads for claimant based on FastTrack Matching Technology
  • Motivates claimant to engage in the RTW process on a timely basis
  • Maintains claimant calendar with automated reminders

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About FastTrack

FastTrack – a Kamine Technology Group (KTG) division – is a full-service intelligent technology solutions provider in the Life & Disability insurance vertical. Leading the way for more than 10+ years, FastTrack boasts a growing client portfolio consisting of a large ratio of top-tier insurers in both the Group and Individual marketplace in the USA and Canada. Our made-for-insurance intelligent technology, enhanced by decades of on-the-job insurance industry expertise and AI, digitizes & automates up to 90% of the claims journey, from claim intake to adjudication, resulting in lightning-fast claim outcomes that typically improve Claim Handle Time by 30%-40%. FastTrack helps insurers free up valuable human resources to focus on mission-critical tasks, such as improving the customer experience and making informed claim decisions. Furthermore, FastTrack’s suite of technology solutions and services empowers insurers to triage claims, understand risk management options, reduce manual administration, save on interest expenses, create straight-through processing opportunities, leverage comprehensive data via online Claimant, Beneficiaries, Employers, Agents/Brokers portals, and create digital claimant profiles to achieve informed, consistent, repeatable, defensible, and objective claim decisions.


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