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Robotic Process Automation (RPA's)

FastTrack is Streamlining Claims, New Business Underwriting Document Management, and Automated Workflows through the Power of Robotics (RPA's)

Our proprietary Smart Technology performs all the administrative functions required to support efficient, accurate, and repeatable claims and underwriting document management - automatically.

FastTrack's Automation System empowers Claim Benefit Specialists & Underwriters to work smarter, not harder.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have systematically changed the way our world operates. Through technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA’s), organizations are now able to drastically accelerate every-day administrative tasks, thus freeing up bandwidth to focus on more important activities, such as customer engagement, speed, and accuracy of decision-making. FastTrack’s Solutions & Services leverage this same technology to empower Life & Disability Claim Specialists and Underwriters to work more efficiently by eliminating routine rules-based decision making. Through highly-configurable RPA-driven business rules, FastTrack’s Automation Tools have dramatically streamlined Claim Administration and New Business Application Processes. TPAs, insurers, and self-administered employers alike can improve their administrative productivity levels, comply with regulatory reporting requirements, and cut administrative costs like never before.

Learn how FastTrack’s Digital Process Automation Technology, combined with RPA’s, create clear data-driven claimant profiles.

The Advantages

  • Create Employee Capacity with More Efficient Document Management Capabilities
  • Improve Claimant and Applicant Response Rates with Our Automated Communications Engine
  • More Accurate Claim Management and More Efficient Underwriting Risk Management Decisions
  • Lightning-Fast Document Management Resulting in Timely Claim and Application File Readiness
  • Achieve More Accurate and Timely Return-to-Work Outcomes For Claims
The Outcome

FastTrack's Tailor-made and Rules-driven Technology has Successfully Automated 40-60% of Claim Adjudications

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About FastTrack

FastTrack – a Kamine Technology Group (KTG) division – is a full-service intelligent technology solutions provider in the Life & Disability insurance vertical. Leading the way for more than 10+ years, FastTrack boasts a growing client portfolio consisting of a large ratio of top-tier insurers in both the Group and Individual marketplace in the USA and Canada. Our made-for-insurance intelligent technology, enhanced by decades of on-the-job insurance industry expertise and AI, digitizes & automates up to 90% of the claims journey, from claim intake to adjudication, resulting in lightning-fast claim outcomes that typically improve Claim Handle Time by 30%-40%. FastTrack helps insurers free up valuable human resources to focus on mission-critical tasks, such as improving the customer experience and making informed claim decisions. Furthermore, FastTrack’s suite of technology solutions and services empowers insurers to triage claims, understand risk management options, reduce manual administration, save on interest expenses, create straight-through processing opportunities, leverage comprehensive data via online Claimant, Beneficiaries, Employers, Agents/Brokers portals, and create digital claimant profiles to achieve informed, consistent, repeatable, defensible, and objective claim decisions.


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