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Laura Ellie OBrien | Employee Spotlight

Laura “Ellie” O’Brien

Client Administrative Services (CAS) QA Specialist

Meet Laura – one of our VIP Quality Assurance Specialists here at FastTrack. Ellie, as most of her friends and family call her, started her career with FastTrack back in 2019 as a CAS admin. She’s responsible for providing integral training and support for FastTrack’s top client-partners. Ellie’s passions include horse riding, rocking’ out on the guitar, and adventuring outdoors. Read on to see what she would do if she ever won the lottery! 🤩

What is your current position with FastTrack?

I am the Client Administrative Services (CAS) QA Specialist and Trainer for The Standard. I was promoted to the position in September of 2021.

What is your typical workweek like?

Checking the work and providing training and support to CAS Admins working with The Standard to ensure we are delivering consistent and accurate results. 💪

Tell us about your career path at FastTrack.

I started as a CAS Admin in 2019.

How has FastTrack helped your personal and professional development?

It has given me a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and refine my leadership skills. I have very much enjoyed being a part of bringing new members into the FastTrack team.

What is something you love about working at FastTrack?

I really enjoy the culture of the company ❤️. FastTrack is a very unique, professional, and friendly environment to work in. Leadership is always very accessible and supportive. I really value that aspect of the company and therefore want to create that same feeling for the Admins that I train and assist within the CAS team.

What is your favorite media or series?

The Journal and The Daily news podcast series. I also enjoy any non-fiction novel about an outdoor adventure and anything written by Agatha Christie.

Do you have any pets?

I have five cats 🐈: Little Daryl Dixon, Carl Grimes, Little Italy, Salem, and Link. I also have two horses named Tucker and Luke.

Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

Riding and training horses 🐎, playing guitar 🎸, cooking/baking 🥧, rock climbing 🧗‍♀️, and hiking 🗻!


Laura Ellie Obrien | Employee Spotlight


What type of activities are you most likely to be up to on the weekends?

Skiing in the winter; hiking or water sports in the summer. Riding and working with horses all year round.

What is your favorite vacation destination? What’s one you haven’t visited yet but would like to in the future?

One of my travel goals within the next 3 years is to travel to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

Rent out Disney World for the day and ride all of the rollercoasters 🎢!

What’s your favorite 21st century innovation?

The at-home espresso machine. 😆

Do you have any unique or hidden talents?

I am Ambidextrous. Though I am primarily left-handed, I am able to write, play sports, and play musical instruments both with both hands.

What is your motto for life?

Luck favors the prepared. 💯

What are your top three most overused words or phrases?

I use the word “definitely” far too often. And “the answers never yes if you don’t ask” as a phrase.

What’s a surprising fact about yourself?

I have a very large guitar collection.

Do you have any nicknames?

Ellie. As a little kid I was often called “L.E.”, a combination of my first and middle initials.


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