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Himani Patel | Employee Spotlight

Himani Patel


Meet Himani – a valuable member of FastTrack’s Development Team for over a year now. Himani’s responsibilities include working directly with some of our largest clients in the United States and Canada. When she isn’t behind the computer, you can find Himani tackling DIY home projects, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or planning her next travel adventure with her son.

What is your current position with FastTrack? How long have you been in it?

I am a Developer at FastTrack and it has been a ‘ONE’derful year since I joined in September of 2020.

What is your typical workweek like?

My typical day starts with catching up on emails and getting plenty of coffee! Most of my time during the way is spent researching and creating solutions or working on new features for various clients.

Do you work with any specific customers?

I mostly work with The Standard, but I have also worked with Primerica, Primerica Canada, and Reliance.

Describe your career path at FastTrack?

I have been with FastTrack for about a year now, always as a Developer. I started by developing enhancement and new features, but after a few months I was given opportunity to work on Standard support requests as well.

How has FastTrack helped your personal and professional development?

Working here at FastTrack has given me the opportunity to really grow professionally. I learned the business perspective of projects and how to achieve that in very organized way, as well as how to contribute better as a developer in an agile structure.

What is something you love about working at FastTrack?

In my previous roles, I never found a company where the upper management works so closely with my team and is always eager to help like they are here at FastTrack. Plus all my coworkers are always there when you need help with something (just a quick IM away!). On top of that, I’ve been able to enjoy a great work/life balance.

Do you have any accomplishments within the organization you’re particularly proud of?

I’m particularly proud of the fact that I have been able to get past my comfort zone professionally and have delivered large-scale projects quickly and accurately.

What is your favorite book, TV show, movie, or podcast?

Books: As a kid, I was obsessed with J.K. Rowling books.

Movies: Big fan of Marvel movies and A Dog’s Journey.

Shows: I love period dramas like Outlander, Pride and Prejudice, and The Crown.

Podcasts: On Purpose by Jay Shetty, Good Vibes by Clark Impastato & Ryan G, and Good Life by Vex King.

Do you have any pets?

I used to have a dog named Leo. He was a Chocolate Labrador who loved cheese dearly.

Now I wish to have a Bernese Mountain Dog! They’re adorable!

Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

I love to explore the world and travel to different places, do DIY projects around the house (I got it from my mom, who used to be an Interior designer), and cook. Great stress relievers!

What type of activities are you mostly likely to be up to on the weekends?

I enjoy spending my Saturdays working on house projects and meeting friends for dinner, but Sundays I like to unwind and spend time with my 1.5 year old son and family (and order take-out!).

What is your favorite vacation destination? What’s one you haven’t visited yet but would like to in the future?

My all time favorite places to visit are Maui, Hawaii for amazing food and hikes and Lake Como, Italy for its pure beauty.

I do want to visit African on a jungle safari and Tulum, Mexico.

Himani Patel | Employee Spotlight

What person would you most like to switch places with for a day? Why?

My mom in early 2000s. I would like to see how she puts up with taking care of two kids, working, and—on top of it all—dealing with everyday problems. Switching places with my mom would give me a greater appreciation of all she does for me.

What is your favorite 21st century innovation?

Without a doubt: GPS. I am not good at directions at all.

What’s something you loved doing as a kid? Do you still do it now?

Does calling mom every second when you are trying to cook something count?

Who is one of your personal heroes?

My husband. For inspiring me to be the independent woman I am today and teaching me to stand up for myself, but also always being there for me when I need him. He is the best husband, father, son and brother. He has always been there supporting me during bad times and encouraging me during my best.

What is your motto for life?

I’ve always followed “Have courage and be kind! Good things will come to you” and “Everything happens for a good reason.”

What are your top most overused words/phrases?

Using “like” as a preposition (“The puppies were ‘like’ so cute”) and saying “It is what it is” when things are out of my control.



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