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Meet Alaina – FastTrack’s new Office Administrator. Having been with the company for over five years now, she is leveraging her extensive operations knowledge in a brand-new way starting just this month!


What is your current position with FastTrack? How long have you been in it?

Office Administrator. One week!

What is your typical workweek like?

In a typical week, I will spend some time working in an accounting and finance capacity, helping employees with HR related items, and offering support to our leadership team on a variety of different projects.

Have you worked in any other positions at FastTrack?

I started with FastTrack in 2015 as a Career Transition Coach. I worked in that capacity with the Career Service Tools team for about two and a half years before joining the Client Services team in 2017. In October of 2020, I moved into the Office Administrator role.

How has FastTrack helped your personal development?

Working at FastTrack has exposed me to an entire industry that I had very little knowledge of prior to coming on board. My knowledge of the life and disability insurance sectors has grown exponentially in the last five years. My experience at FastTrack has provided me with an entirely new professional language and technological skill set that I would have never been exposed to otherwise.

What is something you love about working at FastTrack?

I find that when people ask me about my profession, I always briefly explain what I do, but then I tend to talk a lot about whom I’m doing it with. The people are what make FastTrack unlike any place I’ve ever worked before. I’ve been exposed to a number of different corporate environments over the course of my career and the dedication, kindness, and camaraderie that I’ve seen here is unique.

Do you have any accomplishments at FastTrack that you are particularly proud of?

I’m particularly proud of the fact that I stretched outside of my comfort zone professionally. Having worked in three different roles within the company, I’ve learned a great deal about our business and now I will get to put that knowledge to great use in the Office Administrator position.

What is your favorite book, TV show, movie, or podcast?

I love both reading and podcasts. My favorite podcast at the moment is Presidential, which walks you through a deep dive of each of the presidents from George Washington through present day. I’m a bit of an American history nerd.

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What are your favorite hobbies and interests?

My hobbies include reading, baking, and running. I’m in not one but two book clubs, and I’ve been training for a half marathon with one of my best friends for about the last year. I also do quite a bit of volunteer work sitting on the board for the Junior League of Greater Princeton as the Membership Manager and as a member of the internal affairs committee for Alternatives Community Support Services.

What type of activities are you mostly likely to be up to on the weekends?

When I’m not watching my kids’ sports on the weekends, I love to bake. I tend to take on a baking project of some kind almost every Sunday.

What person would you most like to switch places with for a day?

I’d love to switch places with Gayle King for the day; what could be more fun than having Oprah as your best friend?

What’s a surprising fact about yourself?

I grew up spending three weeks every summer in a cabin on a small island in Maine that had no electricity.

What is your favorite vacation destination? What’s one you haven’t visited yet but would like to in the future?

My favorite vacation destination is Virgin Gorda. One place I’ve not been but would love to visit is the Normandy Coast in France.

What is your motto for life?

“Que Sera Sera.” Partially because I do believe that “what will be will be,” and partially because I have fond memories of my Grandmother singing this song to me often as a child.


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