Claims Administrative Services (CAS)

FastTrack’s Claims Administrative Services (CAS) were designed to help insurers focus their costly Benefit Specialists on mission critical functions by outsourcing some or all of their administrative and clerical activities. CAS can be utilized with any of these FastTrack products: Transitional Service Tools (TST) for Short Term Disability claims, Disability Risk Management Tools (DRMT) for Long Term Disability claims, Life Waiver Tools (LWT) for Waiver of Premium claims, and Employability Assessment Verification Tools (EAV) for Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Surveys.


Unique Product Features


Claims Administrative Services (CAS) Methodology

CAS is conducted in a secure, quality control focused environment. We will send out all pre-authorized initial and continuation letters to claimants (e.g. new claim packets, recertification requests, claim approval letters, claim denial letters, additional information requests, training, education & experience requests, etc.); keep track of who responded and when; provide follow-up for those claimants who didn’t respond; pick up the mail from the post office, open the mail and scan/image relevant data from responses (e.g. Physical Capabilities Forms, TE&E, Medical or Exemption documents) into the appropriate FastTrack tools and claimant files.  FastTrack will provide communications back to your claims team with required tasks and any follow-up data needed to complete the claimant’s PCF; process the completed claim data set (occupational reporting, PCF, R&L’s, TE&E, medical notes, etc.) and email the appropriate Benefit Specialists with the claim’s final analysis, so they are ready to make a fully informed final adjudication decision. CAS also provides secure document storage and destruction in accordance with the insurer’s security & privacy requirements.

Reduce or Eliminate Administrative Workload

FastTrack’s CAS is a proven way to lower or eliminate the administrative costs associated with your LTD, STD and/or Waiver of Premium claims block and Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) and Labor Market Survey (LMS) needs. Outsourcing the administrative workload from your claims adjudication staff allows them to concentrate on thoroughly evaluating all components of the claims adjudication decision. CAS also has proven value in maintaining or lowering associated claims staffing levels.

An Automated, Best Practice Process to Re-certify Claims

FastTrack CAS is a superior way of handling claim re-certifications as it will automatically diary when the claimant should be contacted along with the appropriate data requirements per their policy definitions.  This means that the initial pre-formatted letters with appropriate attachments go out at the right time as well as follow-up communications, all while keeping your claims adjudication staff informed when the information is returned and processed or when the claimant has failed to respond.


Summary of Product Benefits By Function


For The Carrier’s Management:

  • CAS outsourcing is a proven way to lower the administrative costs associated with your LTD, STD, Waiver of Premium claims block and TSA and LMS needs by removing the bulk of administrative workload from your claims adjudication staff
  • CAS improves the quality of the data your Benefit Specialists use, allowing them to make better adjudication decisions
  • CAS provides management with better insight into the specific reserve liabilities associated with your claims block

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