Career Service Tools (CST)

FastTrack’s Career Service Tools (CST) are designed to provide each LTD claimant with the tools to successfully Return-to-Work (RTW), particularly when an occupation change is required. CST is also valuable to claimants who are expected to have recovered sufficiently at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) to return to their own occupation, but who no longer have a position at their current employer. CST positively influences early intervention, providing a strong set of new career preparation tools, unlimited career transition coaching support and access to real employment opportunities. 

Unique Product Features


Proactive RTW Management

Proactive management of the LTD insurer’s Return-to-Work (RTW) process is critically important to minimize claim duration, make it possible to lower Disabled Life Reserves, provide optimal product pricing to the insurer’s clients and improve overall work outcomes for claimants.  Unfortunately, current RTW practices are too narrowly focused on the claimant’s disabilities rather than their abilities.  This is a problem, because current processes are not effectively identifying many workers who, although they have suffered a disabling injury or illness, are expected to recover sufficiently to transition back into employment.  Moreover, the lack of early intervention delays delays the assessment process and the ability to introduce the claimant to the job seeking needed to explore employment opportunities.

All empirical research has shown that the longer a claimant is off work, the more likely they are to become permanently disabled.  Additional research has demonstrated that claimants who don’t return to work within six months have only a 50% chance of ever returning to work and those out on disability leave more than one year have less than a 10% chance of ever returning to work. It is therefore vital to engage claimants who are not Permanently Totally Disabled (PTD), into a RTW program as early as possible in the claim period.

Need for Automation Tools

Additionally problematic are the limits of technology and human capacity available to the carrier’s vocational staff to handle repetitive administrative functions.  With the volume of active caseloads, the job of processing claims and working with claimants on an individual and ongoing basis (in areas such as mentoring, job preparation and skill development) can be overwhelming, if not impossible, to manage.  Without automation, the carrier’s ability to gather the data needed to guide and monitor the RTW process, to match claimants to potential jobs appropriate for their abilities, training, education and experience, and to provide coaching throughout the process, is severely limited.

Best Practices RTW Program

It is with these challenges in mind that FastTrack developed our Career Service Tools (CST) program.  The components of this best practices RTW methodology include: early assessment of the claimant’s skills, motivational level, and willingness to work; early engagement of the claimant as an active participant throughout the duration of their RTW program; building an individualized claimant training, education, and experience profile as well as professional resumes and cover letters; interview training; and assisting vocational counselors in identifying, reducing, or removing perceived RTW barriers.  Use of FastTrack’s proprietary CareerMatch® technology helps identify well suited open jobs based upon the claimant’s current abilities, training, education, experience and geographic location.  To produce optimal results for the carrier, FastTrack provides the claimant with training, career coaching, and 1:1 mentoring for continual support throughout the programs duration.

Comprehensive Tools To Proactively Manage the RTW Process 

Building an individualized claimant TE&E profile: Documenting a claimant’s specific training, education and experience profile helps the job coach to provide more tailored consultation and provides key input into FastTrack’s automated career matching technology.

Building professional resumes and cover letters: CST has automation technology to help the claimant prepare his/her resume and cover letter(s).  In combination with feedback from our job coaching staff, the claimant can be assured that an optimal presentation will be developed for introduction to potential new employers.

Interview training: CST uses a combination of advanced video technology and career coaching guidance to provide a strong foundation for the claimant to prepare for and excel in the interview process.  Information such as proper dress code for interviews, anticipated questions and responses, review of what was done well during the interview training and what needs further work all build self-confidence for the real interview.

CareerMatch®: This is FastTrack’s proprietary and unique matching technology which leverages the abilities data from the Department of Labor’s O*Net Occupational Key Attributes & Characteristics database which defines the requirements and capabilities of specific jobs.  CareerMatch® processes all claimant profile data (including work experience, education, geographic location and abilities) and the requirements of all open jobs and identifies matches.  These matches are communicated to the claimant and career coach by email so they can work together to evaluate and apply to well suited open positions.

Career Guidance throughout the RTW program: The importance of 1:1 career coaching and mentoring throughout the RTW process cannot be overstated.  Our career coaches play a key role in identifying, reducing, and/or removing perceived RTW barriers by the claimant. The value of having a “partner” there to discuss opportunities for job skill development, to continually motivate the claimant to make steady progress, and to help the claimant identify and deal with obstacles is validated by FastTrack’s 30 percent placement rate, which is 5 to 6 times industry average.

Privately Branded Portal: FastTrack will brand the CST portal with the insurer’s logo and color scheme so brand consistency is maintained for the insurer’s clients and staff.


Summary of Product Benefits By Function



  • For CST participating claimants, the insurer has experienced a 10.2% increase in RTW placements
  • CST Placements are occurng, on average, 12.4 months prior to the Change of Definition (COD) period 
  • Insurers using CST are earning a return of $11.46 for every $1.00 invested



  • Proven “best practices” methodology ensures earlier engagement, higher retention and better placement rates for RTW candidates
  • Automated method for screening/identifying potential RTW candidates
  • One-on-One career transition coaching enables higher claimant satisfaction and program retention rates as well as substantially better placement outcomes


  • Career transition counseling in a “time of need”
  • Effective guided RTW program enhanced by advanced automation tools
  • Able to return to a productive lifestyle sooner than traditional programs



  • Brand recognition within the marketplace for taking care of their employees during a “time of need”
  • An additional HR benefit that can be promoted to existing employees as well as new employees
  • Potential to reduce LTD premiums based on better RTW claim outcomes

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