Client Results: Employability Assessment Verification Tools

FastTrack Client

The 3rd Largest Life Insurer in the World
with $878+ Billion in Assets



The Challenge

The Insurer was looking to improve on its manual Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) and Labor Market Survey (LMS) processes that encompassed 200+ TSA’s per month being handled by 40+ Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists.


The Approach

The Insurer began using FastTrack’s Employablility Assessment Verification (EAV) tools in 2015 with the following objectives: to provide their Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists with process automation (standardized TSA/LMS report generation, secure online referral and status reporting and a consistent, repeatable best practice process) and significantly improved occupational employability information (occupations according to claimant restrictions and limitations, training, education and experience and gainful wages).


The Outcome

 At the Change of Definition, 11.1% of claimants were identified by EAV as having “own occ” capacity.

75.4% of EAV’s are providing occupational matches that demonstrate capacity for “any occ” policy definitions at the Change of Definition (COD).

• The insurer is experiencing a return of $12.62 for every $1.00 invested in EAV.


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