FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Releases White Paper Describing Benefits of Automating the Traditional Transferable Skill Analysis (TSA) & Labor Market Survey (LMS) Processes 

“Improving the Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Survey Process with Advanced Technology” outlines how automation can bring improved accuracy, productivity, process standardization and reduced research effort to the long-established methodology used by Disability and Worker’s Compensation Insurers and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

BEDMINSTER, N.J.– September 9 2014 – FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions, a division of Kamine Technology Group, LLC, announced the release of a White Paper which describes the positive impacts of using next generation automation to update the traditional Transitional Skills Analysis (TSA) and Labor Market Survey (LMS) processes currently used by Disability and Worker’s Compensation Insurers and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.

The inherent weaknesses of the traditional TSA and LMS methodology will be discussed including considerations such as outdated data sources (e.g. Directory of Occupational Titles), the usually limited pool of occupational options easily accessible by the VRC,, the necessity of time consuming occupational research by VRC’s who could be better utilized by focusing their efforts on adjudication related decision making and the lack of TSA/LMS process standardization seen throughout the industry.

As a counterpoint, the reader will be educated on the benefits of the Employability Assessment Verification (EAV) methodology which combines the TSA and LMS process using automation to present a wider array of occupational options based on the claimants/injured worker’s physical capabilities; Training, Education and Experience; gainful wages; and geographic labor market(s).

FastTrack’s CEO, Thomas Capato, stated “The insurance industry is undergoing a period of disruptive innovation, allowing better claim adjudication to take place based on more accurate and more targeted data, with more standardized “best practice” processes, at lower cost, quicker turnaround timeframes and more legally defensible outcomes. The EAV methodology, which this White Paper highlights, is the logical transformation of a worn and highly labor intensive process that can use automation”

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The FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Division ( of Kamine Technology Group, LLC helps the insurance vertical proactively enhance its Return-to-Work and Risk Management programs with a comprehensive suite of tools. The FastTrack tools are utilized by Short/Long Term Disability, Life and Workers Compensation insurance carriers, Self-Insured Employers and TPA providers as integral parts of their Return-to-Work and Risk Management initiatives. FastTrack’s goals are to help speed the return of claimants/injured workers to their existing employers, find them new employment opportunities when occupational changes are required and to assist carriers to more effectively adjudicate claims from a Risk Management perspective.

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