FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Announces New Service to Improve Employability Assessments during the Disability Evaluation Process

BEDMINSTER, NJ – June 3, 2014 – FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions, a division of Kamine Technology Group, LLC, announced a new service today termed Employability Assessment Verification (EAV). EAV is aimed at Disability, Life and Workers Compensation Insurers, their service providers as well as Self-Insured Self-Administered Employers. The service is already in use at several insurers nationwide.

The EAV service combines the convenience of a Transferable Skill Analysis (TSA) and Labor Market Survey (LMS) into one document. The process begins with the collection of a claimant’s Restrictions & Limitations (R&L’s) data gathered from the medical provider and/or internal medical reviews. This data is then automatically compared against the policy’s contractual language and FastTrack’s proprietary Occupational Library, which contains job requirements for all occupational classifications, as defined by the Department of Labor, to determine which occupations, if any, the claimant can perform given their current R&L’s. Pre-determined filters are applied to screen for 100% occupational matching against the claimant’s gainful wage parameter(s), individual training, education and experience (TE&E), and occupations existing within the claimant’s specific local labor market. The result of this automated process allows FastTrack’s (or the Insurer’s/Employer’s) Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists to benefit from examination of as wide an array of occupations as possible before finalizing the report, with their own professional expertise, to derive the best occupational matches for the claimant.

About FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions 

The FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions Division ( of Kamine Technology Group, LLC helps the insurance vertical proactively enhance its Return-to-Work and Risk Management programs with a comprehensive suite of tools. The FastTrack tools are utilized by Short/Long Term Disability, Life and Workers Compensation insurance carriers, Self-Insured Employers and TPA providers as integral parts of their Return-to-Work and Risk Management initiatives. FastTrack’s goals are to help speed the return of claimants/injured workers to their existing employers, find them new employment opportunities when occupational changes are required and to assist carriers to more effectively adjudicate claims from a Risk Management perspective.

For further information, please contact:

Robert Kuller, Senior Vice President – Marketing